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-We would not be able to use our computer if we don't have appropriate software. Software is basically a collection of programs or a single program that allows you to perform some functions. John Turkey is 1958 was the first person to ever use this term. Types of computer software basically refers to the language or codes that are involved in various operations of a computer system.
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Different types of computer software of your choice are available in the market. The three main types of software are programming, system and application software. System software is the most popular and the most used software out of all three. System software also offers you a protective cover for all the other software and it also gives support to some of the hardware parts of the computer like keyboard and printers. The programming software is a must use for programmers. They use the programming software to develop the various programming language to run their computer software. Linkers, editors, interpreters are some good examples of programmer software. Application software is basically used for money making purposes. Application software is basically used in educational, medical and business fields. A good example of an application software is computer games.

Different Types of Computer Software

As a writer I can say that if I didn't had Microsoft Office, my work would definitely be very tough. So I am recommending some different types of software that would be ideal for daily activities of your computer.

Word Processing A widely used software, word processing is basically used for editing documents such as reports, letters, and big essays. Word processing also provides several features for document editing and formatting. When you enter text in the document, word processing helps you to edit, delete, copy, move this text from one document to another. When you go to formatting, different formats can be applied to make your document look more presentable and attractive. The most popular used word processing software is Word Perfect and now-a-days it's Microsoft Word.

Anti Virus For a long time I used to believe that the companies that make antivirus software are the ones who make all the viruses. This is one thought that can never be defined. No matter who makes these viruses, anti virus programs are one of the highest searched things on the Internet. Most computers now-a-days come with their own anti virus which is pre installed in them.

Application Software We install different types of computer software on our desktops and just forget them. They come in use only for some functions but not with application software. Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint is widely used by many of us and is one of the most popular application software today. For surfing the most popular are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. For normal emails we rely Microsoft Outlook and for entertainment we use Media Player for watching videos and listening to music tracks. You can also check out the top video editing software which is highly recommended for different types of video editing.

Inventory Management Software This software helps an organization to keep a track of its various goods and materials. An inventory software helps you to also know the various transactions of your stored goods and even their quantity and quality. This software helps you in achieving proper coordination of your goods which in turn is beneficial for the organization.

Accounting Software
This type of computer software might not be popular with kids but that doesn't mean that they are not useful. Accounting software are one of the highest searched software because they come in very handy for accountants and small business owners to keep a record for their expenses and earnings. They are also used by students who are giving their higher research in mathematics. Nevertheless, these accounting software are in high demand with companies and accountants because they help in making the pay roll and also help in managing corporate tax information.

List of Computer Software for Professional Use Additional to all the above given examples, there are many more types of computer software which are very useful for people and various commercial enterprises.

  • Tax Software
  • Video Editing Software
  • DVD Burning Software
  • Retail Software
  • AntiSpyware Software
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Electronic Media Record Software
  • Project Management Tools
  • Time Management Software

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